MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis               The Impact of Mineral Electrolytes on Intracellular Structures and Function

                                                                    Diabetes,  Heart Disease,  Arrhythmia, Osteoporosis, and  Mineral-Electrolyte Metabolism

The following is a brief presentation of important discoveries through years of double blind research and 40 years of clinical practice

  This interactive web series explores the internal dynamics of cells and tissues: the critical impact of electrolytes on mitochondria
  with its energy generating role. Understanding mitochondrial function is critical to the understanding of intracellular health.

  Mitochondria, ATP, Diabetes, Heart Disease, are central in this study of essential physiology. Dr. Silver presents brief but illuminating
  historical points in his research and the breakthroughs on diabetes and ischemia that led him to develop new methods of intracellular
  analysis. His research and contributions remain current as others recognize these essential elements of intracellular structures.

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