Exa Test

Non-invasive Intracellular Tissue Analysis for:

Mg    Ca    P    K    Na    Cl

Magnesium   Calcium


Potassium   Sodium  Chloride




Patients, you will need a healthcare provider who has agreed to collect the specimen and provide you with follow up interpretation support.

If you do not have a healthcare provider, you may request physician information in the message box below.

All specimen collection kits are shipped to your healthcare provider. If you live at a great distance from your provider such as a rural area or are homebound, we can send you the specimen collection kit but only with a prescription.

All test results are sent to the healthcare provider within one to two days from receipt of specimen at our laboratory. Your provider will review results in view of your medical history and prescribe treatment protocol.  IntraCellular Diagnostics cannot provide you any medical support. IntraCellular Diagnostics can discus your results only with your physician.

IntraCellular Diagnostics provides interpretation and treatment protocol support to healthcare providers only.

You may call or email us anytime if you have any other questions.


Health Care Providers:   For urgent shipping, please call 541-245-3212

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