MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis                The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function   

                                                                             Human Cardiac, Muscle, and Organ Tissue Correlations with Buccal Cells

                                  Part II
 For over twenty years, ICD (IntraCellular Diagnostics) has
 provided clinical laboratory services using the technology
 discussed so far. But since the 1960s we have performed
 a long list of studies of the essential elements within tissues
 and cells of the human body.

 All the studies have used freshly collected tissue for
 comparative analysis: either blood in early investigative
 studies; muscle or organ tissue collected from patients
 undergoing surgery or from biopsies; cardiac tissue collected
 from patients undergoing open heart surgery at some of the
 best hospitals in the US. All these studies were essential in 
 establishing correlations with sublingual tissue.

 We will proceed with some of the data from these complex
 studies that were performed with some of the best medical
 professionals in the field.


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