MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis         The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function

                                                                    Visualizing the Cell and the X-Ray Fluorescent Spectrum       

 Another advantage of ASEM is that we can visualize the cell
 we want to analyze in the scanning electron microscope.
 This visual inspection allows us to determine the quality
 of the cells and any contamination and malformations.

 The intracellular mineral ion concentrations can be
 quantified from the x-ray fluorescent spectrum. Each
 element that we look at has a unique energy fluorescent
 excitation or peak.

 We express these units or peaks in the spectrum generated
 by the Electron Microscope analysis as EXA units. This is
 called an EXA Test, EXA stands for Energy Dispersive
 X-ray Analysis. It also stands for Elemental X-Ray

 Thus EXA Test became a patented procedure and

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