MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis          The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function

                                                                       Mitochondria, the Powerhouse of All Cells, make a fuel vital to every life process   


 Sublingual Epithelial Cells, or buccal cells from inside the
 mouth, change every few days and make good target cells
 for total body analysis for very important reasons.

 Inside Epithelial Cells are hundreds of smaller energy producing   
 organelles called mitochondria. The powerhouse of all 
 cells, mitochondria make a fuel called ATP which is vital to
 every life process.

 Mitochondrial processes are complex. But the element
 magnesium is one of the many factors that plays a vital role
 in mitochondrial function and ATP production. One clue to
 this production process was found in our early studies of
 diabetes.  Diabetic mitochondria, lacking  magnesium,
 showed depressed energy production which means also
 very low ATP.

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