MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis       The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function

                                                                   Electron Micrographs of Mitochondria;   ATP: Oxygen Consumption      


 "Performing extensive analysis of fresh tissue under
 electron microscopy gave me the unique opportunity 
 of looking closely at cells and mitochondrial function.

 Here, in one of thousands of electron micrographs I
 took early in my career, we see rat liver mitochondria
 magnified thousands of times. This is not a drawing."

 There are many thousands of mitochondria in every
 cell of the liver, brain, muscles and heart of oxygen
 consuming organisms.

 There are no mitochondria in red blood cells, serum,
 cartilage, or in parts of the body that do not consume
 much oxygen. Red blood cells carry oxygen but do
 not use it to make ATP. The ATP in red cells is made
 anaerobically by glycolysis in insignificant amounts.


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