MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis        The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function 

                                                                    Magnesium Infusion Protects the Heart Muscle

 "One of the most important discoveries from our research
 was the fact that the administration of magnesium prior to
 a heart attack or even during a heart attack would prevent and protect the heart muscle from forming destructive internal crystals.

Our discovery of the modulating effect of magnesium in the early
 '70's predated the use of calcium channel blockers  (First Generation
 '81, '82.)  But the First Generation of CCBs were developed after
  intensive calcium research and were only a slight improvement
  from the first CCB effort in the 60s."
 Although not promoted as well as channel blockers and less
 expensive, the discovery of the calcium modulating effect of
 magnesium contributed to the development of new protocols
 and medications for the prevention and treatment of heart disease.
 The administering of magnesium is a course of action that has
 saved many lives and has prevented many patients from going into
 fatal destruction of heart muscle and ensuing death.
 The efficacy of magnesium and mortality has generated
 more research in recent years, and the quality of life studies are

 Silver, Sordahl '79-'80; Infarct Mitochondria Magnesium Administered.

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