MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis          The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function

                                                                     Developing a Diagnostic Method for Intracellular Deficiencies

                                        Part IV

 Developing a diagnostic method for difficult to detect
 intracellular electrolyte deficiencies in clinical practice
 became a necessity and a priority.

 ASEM was an excellent means of looking directly inside
 of cells, analyzing the contents easily, non-destructively
 and for diagnostic purposes.
It was this kind of
 instrument that gave us the first identification of calcium
 formation in damaged mitochondria. And this system
 eliminated long complicated wet chemical analysis.

 A state of the art analytical scanning electron
 microscope (ASEM) was developed specifically for the
 non-destructive x-ray analysis of cells. This microscope
 was fitted with additional proprietary devices and
 software for clinical intracellular analysis.

 But, which cells were best for this type of analysis ?

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