MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis       The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function  

                                                                Comparing Lymphocytes, Serum, Red Bloor Cells

"In the beginning years of research I was looking for the best target
 tissue to examine: tissue that would reflect all the tissues in the body.
 In collaboration with other specialists I tried a number of different

 First I looked at lymphocytes with Doctor Elin at the National Institute
 of Health. The white cells or lymphocytes where found to be
 unstable and unreliable in preparation or transport. They varied too
 much from each other. They also varied with the immune status of
 each individual.

 We looked at Serum.  But serum doesn't have much magnesium or
 other elements;  serum has very very low levels of magnesium.
 Most of this element is inside the cells and tissues. Serum did not
 reflect what was happening inside cells."
The Serum research was published with MC Haigney, MD
 PhD of Johns Hopkins and Bethesda Army Hospital in


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