MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis        The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function

                                                                   Epithelial Buccal Cells Have Full Metabolic Aerobic Pathways


 Buccal epithelial cells are a rapidly renewing homogenous
 population. They have full metabolic aerobic pathways
 just like heart and muscle cells; they have high levels of
 magnesium, potassium, and other minerals and
 electrolytes. Epithelial cells correlate well with deep body

 For ASEM, epithelial cells do not require staining or
 special isolation. These cells require no manipulation for
 analysis; thatís important because that preserves the cell
 contents. They donít have to be mixed with anything. Buccal
 epithelial cells under ASEM provide direct measurements:
 we are looking and measuring directly at the cell, at the
 magnesium and potassium without complicated algorithms.

 Other methods try to measure magnesium indirectly, for
 example, using nuclear magnetic resonance or where
 elements are calculated mathematically with magnesium
 ATP formulations. Indirect methods also increase the
 margin for error or false positive readings. 


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