MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis         The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function   

                                                                   Sublingual Epithelial Cell Properties: Aerobic Metabolism, Mitochondria

Sublingual epithelial cells have properties which are very
 useful for general body analysis.

 They have aerobic metabolism which means they have
 mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. They use a lot of
 oxygen and make ATP, the fuel that drives all cells. They
 contain the magnesium and other elements needed to drive
 mitochondrial function.

 Sublingual epithelial cells turnover very quickly, every
 few days, which means they have a high metabolism and
 reflect current
 status. As a matter of fact the entire coating
 and lining of the gastro-intestinal system does the same

 Sublingual cells are non-cornified which means they are
 viable, stable cells; they do not look like brittle cornflakes.
 They are easily accessible and require minimal cell
 manipulation and prep. You can transport them with no
 loss of information. Once fixed, the cell smear is good for
 analysis for many years.


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