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                                                                     Sublingual Epithelial Cells Under Electron Microscopy

 Here we see a scanning electron micrograph of sublingual
 epithelial cells scraped from a human  mouth.

 You can see a cell clearly as it lies flat; it's got a nicely shaped
 nucleus that's easy to see; these cells did not require any
 coating. They’re easy to find under scanning electron 
 microscopy. These sublingual cells are about ten times
 larger than red blood cells.

 Although ASEM or electron microscopy technology and its
 software is complex, the simplicity in the collection and
 processing of this tissue is an elegant conversion of a
 high complexity scientific endeavor to a useful clinical
 procedure with quality of life benefits as shown in
 outcome  studies. 

 This conversion allows for fast specimen collection
 anytime anywhere, from a doctors office to a space
 station; and allows for consistent processing and reliable
 results in clinical practice.

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