MITOCHONDRIA full spectrum mineral analysis         The Impact of Magnesium on Intracellular Structures and Function  

                                                                 Red Blood Cells Do Not Consume Oxygen and Do Not Have Mitochondria

 Red blood cells were tested. But RBCs do not have a nucleus and
 do not consume oxygen; they produce variable analytical results. 
 Therefore they were not very useful for this kind of precise analysis.
 For Comparison, muscle tissue was analyzed with NASA, Cardiac
 Tissue with D. Hill, MD (Presbyterian Medical Center, San Francisco,)
 and more cardiac tissue analysis was performed with MC Haigney
 at Johns  Hopkins with the results published in Circulation.
This picture illustrates what the red blood cells look
 like---the erythrocytes; and the white blood cells---the

 These are fine looking cells but unfortunately not suitable for the  
 kind of precise analysis we needed in heart disease patients or
 other medical syndromes. 


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